Saturday, April 9, 2011

Screw it :)

I'm starting this week...anyone else is welcome to join or not, but no reason to wait...

So, for this week:  Star Wars!

Monday:  Luke Skywalker
Tuesday:  Han Solo
Wednesday:  Princess Leia
Thursday:  Lando Calrisian
Friday:  Yoda


  1. Hey Seth, so how is this going to work in the long run? We should make a list so everyone can get turns decide what we're doing for the week.

  2. Yeah, no only requirement is that the characters already exist in it print, comic, movie, tv, whatever...and I guess I'd kinda like for the weeks to have themes, but I'm not super-strong on that one...since I've started, you want next week?

  3. and as for the actual artwork, can it be a pretty loose take on the theme or remix of the theme etc?

  4. Hey, I'm not a teacher or anyone's parent - it can be as loose or tight as you want...for me, I think there is value in trying to at least capture the spirit of the character and their genre (so I won't make Steampunk Luke Skywalker for example), but YMMV...